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  Sunday School - 10:00 AM
  Worship Service - 11:00 AM
  Evening Service - 7:00 PM
  Bible Study - 7:00
Welcome to Bible Believers Baptist Church in Stowe, Pennsylvania.  We are a friendly, family-oriented, and fundamental church that preaches the Old King James Bible. We love people and we love souls.
Your Invited To Our Annual Church Bonfire Oct. 6th

Located at Pastor Collingwoods Home
Free ticks to all who take the 7 Acre Maze Challange

Food, Fellowship, Fun, Singing, Games, Maze, Food

NO the Rapture is NOT taking place 9/23/17,
nor is the world coming to an end!

We will be having regular service on the 24th for all you deluded
souls that believed the Bible and knew you would still be here.

We would also like to invite all you fools, that believed such stupidity,
to come to church and learn the truth from a King James Bible.

Read Dr. Sam Gipp's books:
"The Answer Book," and "Gipps Understandable History of the Bible." Free online.