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Welcome to Bible Believers Baptist Church in Stowe, Pennsylvania.  We are a friendly, family-oriented, and fundamental church that preaches the Old King James Bible. We love people and we love souls.

Read Dr. Sam Gipp's books:
"The Answer Book," and "Gipps Understandable History of the Bible." Free online.

Is Baptism necessary for salvation?
One of the most misunderstood and abused scriputres in the Bible is Acts 2:38. If you would like to know the truth about what the Bible teaches, click on the link below to hear Bro. Jeffery Hite teach a Sunday School lesson about baptism and this verse.

Does Acts Chapter 8 teach that the Ethopian Eunuch was the first Black Gentile saved just like every person is saved today in the New Testament? Listen to another Sunday School lesson taught by Bro. Jeff Hite to see what the Bible actually teaches.

Brother Jeff Hite has been teaching a series on the "Doctrine of Baptisms," "Rightly Divided." The subject is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Bible. The primary reason is a lack of Bible knowledge and failure to Rightly Divide the Scriptures. The book of Acts is a transitional book going from the Jew under the Old Testiment law to the Mystery revealed by Paul (Jew and Gentile in one body) the dispensation of the Grace of God. Contrary to what you may have been taught, no one in the Old Testament was looking forward to the Cross. It was hid from them and not revealed until after Paul was saved in Acts Ch.9. No one was baptized (Spiritualy) into the body of Christ until after the revelation given to Paul. Confused, you shouldn't be. Listen to Bro. Hite's Sunday School lesson sumerizing the Doctrine of Baptisms. It will be a real eye opener to you!

With all the talk about fake news, can the truth still be found today?
It is true that we live in what is called a "Post-Truth" world.
Post-Truth: Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emothion and personal belief.
When it comes to sexuality, identity, and morality, feelings and preferences have replaced facts and truth. Those who are confused or ambivalent about such issues are praised as tolerant. Those who express certainty are seen as bigoted, opressive or arrogant.
Thankfully, we have an absolute final authority when it comes to truth, the Word of God. At Bible Believers Baptist Chruch, we still preach and teach the truth from the King James Bible regardless of those who see us as bigoted, opressive or arrogant.
"if you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end, but if you look for comfort, you will not get either comfort or trurth - only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair."  C. S. Lewis