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  Sunday School - 10:00 AM
  Worship Service - 11:00 AM
  Evening Service - 7:00 PM
  Bible Study - 7:00
Welcome to Bible Believers Baptist Church in Stowe, Pennsylvania.  We are a friendly, family-oriented, and fundamental church that preaches the Old King James Bible. We love people and we love souls.

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"The Answer Book," and "Gipps Understandable History of the Bible." Free online.

     Are you looking for a "Social Club" or are you looking for a Church? Most people today care nothing about Bible doctrine; they are looking for a comfortable place where they can get their ears tickled and their kids can play sports. Most are not interested in Godly music-they want something that makes them feel good. Their music choice is not based upon Biblical principles, but whether they "like it" or not. Christian Rock, Country and Western, Blue Grass, Contemporary Christian and Contemporary Country are all acceptible to them - if they like it! There is no respect for the house of God-it is all about their comfort.
     Most churches can't even produce a perfect, inerrant, inspired, preserved Bible. They are taught that the Textus Receptus, or The Originals,  were the "inspired Word of God" but, of course, they can not produce them or hold them in their hands. The pastors are pragmatists that will tell their people that they believe the Bible, to build attendance, but can't show them one they truly believe is perfect. Most Christians don't care if the Pastor teaches a false doctrine such as, Calvinism, or Baptist Briderism, as long as they are comfortable, their teens have activties and their Senior 70's can go to breakfast once a month. They probably don't even really know what their pastor believes, nor do they care. "We win souls" is their motto, so everthing else is overlooked. The "old timers" thought that the majority of people in the church weren't even saved, I can only image what they would think if they were alive today.